Workshop and Research
Symposium Proposals

The ANZAM Conference Program includes Workshops and Research Symposia focused on professional development topics to increase the value of the Conference for participants.


Workshops and Research Symposia typically cover a broad domain of topics, including research methods, getting published, grants and external funding, accreditation processes, teaching innovations, managing workloads, supervision, management practice, etc.


These sessions are scheduled for approximately 100 minutes.


The criteria for selecting Workshops and Research Symposia for inclusion in the Conference Program include:

– Relevance to ANZAM’s purpose

– Relevance to the Conference theme

– Relevance of presenters’ expertise

– Professional development potential for participants

– Topicality and/or research quality.


Delegates who wish to present a Workshop or Research Symposium must complete the application form below and submit it by email to the Conference Co-Chair ( The proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Co-Chair and relevant Stream Chairs.

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