General Policies and Requirements

  • All papers submitted for presentation at the ANZAM Conference must contain original research that has not been previously presented or scheduled for presentation, published or accepted for publication and, if under review, must not appear in print before the Conference.


  • Acknowledgement of relevant prior research and sources of works, ideas and data is expected.


  • Authorship and credit should be shared in proportion to the various parties’ contributions. Note: authorship of papers needs to be correct when the paper is submitted as changes cannot be made once the paper is accepted for publication in the Conference program and proceedings.


  • A paper can only be presented in one Stream of the Conference. Authors are asked to signal their preferred and secondary Stream from the ANZAM Conference Stream list.


  • Each submission must state, on its front/cover page and first page of the paper proper at the top right and the requested Stream (number and title). The front/cover page should also indicate if the author(s) wish to opt out of full paper publication in the Conference proceedings in favour of publication of an abstract only. Papers without these indicators will be treated as a submission with full publication in the Conference proceedings.


  • At least one author for each paper that is accepted for presentation in the Conference program is expected to register for the Conference to present their research. ANZAM does not pay honoraria for any presentations.


  • An individual can appear in up to three sessions of the refereed Conference program (as presenter, co-author, session chair or facilitator). This is to encourage greater participation and to avoid individuals appearing to dominate a Stream or segment of the Conference program.


  • During the Conference, a climate of free exchange and constructive criticism is encouraged. It is also important to demonstrate respect for colleagues/presenters with different perspectives and methodologies/methods.


  • If the author(s) of nominated Best Paper Awards have chosen to opt out of the proceedings, they must at a minimum be agreeable to their paper being temporarily available online (approx. two weeks) to ANZAM members. If the author(s) are not agreeable to this then the nomination will be revoked, and another paper will be selected for the award.