Author Information

Note to Authors 


Each presenting author will be required to register and pay for the Conference by Sunday 9 October 2022 to ensure their paper(s) are included in the final Conference program. Authors who do not register by the deadline will be removed from the Conference program.


All Conference papers accepted for the ANZAM Conference program are made available to delegates in the electronic Conference proceedings. However, the lead author can choose to ‘opt out’ of having their full paper published in the Conference proceedings (see further information below). Please note that we do not accept abstract only submissions.


The Conference proceedings have an ISBN number and indicates clearly that all refereed papers were double-blind peer reviewed. In addition, a printed Conference summary will report titles, authors and abstracts for refereed Conference papers as well as panels and symposia. Please note that the copyright of the Conference proceedings belongs to ANZAM. The copyright of the individual papers belongs to the authors.



Hybrid Presentations

The 2022 ANZAM conference is committed to a rich hybrid experience, however, it will not be possible to offer virtual presentations to all authors. Virtual presentations, where limited, will be assigned on an equity basis by reviewing factors such as the tyranny of distance. The Conference Committee has sole discretion regarding the offering of virtual places.



Opt Out Option

Publication in the Proceedings


The ARC-driven ‘Excellence for Research in Australia’ (ERA) initiative has highlighted the relative importance of research publications in ranked journals compared with unranked journals or conference proceedings publications. In order to provide lead authors with some flexibility around this issue, the submission system for the ANZAM Conference includes an option for lead authors to ‘opt out’ of having their full paper(s) included in the Conference proceedings.


If you select the opt out option, only your abstract will be included in the proceedings. Your full paper will NOT be published. Paper submission and refereeing/revision processes will remain unchanged. This option may also be of interest to submitters concerned that publication of a full Conference paper may preclude publication in some journals, particularly those that publish relatively short papers.


If the author(s) of nominated Best Paper Awards have chosen to opt out of the proceedings, they must at a minimum be agreeable to their paper being temporarily available online (approx. two weeks) to ANZAM members. If the author(s) are not agreeable to this then the nomination will be revoked, and another paper will be selected for the award.