Doctoral Submissions



If you wish to present your work at a Roundtable Session you MUST register before 25 September 2023 and submit a short Research Note by 02 October 2023.


Your Research Note should follow APA 6th edition referencing, include page numbers, be in PDF format and be 3-5 pages in length (excluding references). Submissions longer than this will be rejected.


Please click here to submit your Research Note.


Your Research Note will be circulated to both the students and academics in your group in advance of the Roundtable Workshop.


It should explain your research in a clear and succinct manner – remember, not everyone at your table will know your specific area. The following guidelines may help you to structure your Research Note.  You will also find a pre-formatted template document on the following pages which you should use for your submission. Please note the word limits and do not exceed the 5-page limit (excluding references).




Title                         Include the working title of your thesis/dissertation.

Include at least four (4) keywords to describe your research. This will assist us in matching you with a relevant session.

At least one keyword should be a research method.

Introduction Outline the phenomenon that you are investigating and state why it is important; capture the reader’s interest.
Research Questions        Clearly state your research question(s).
Theory Development Briefly review the 2-3 main constructs underpinning your research and explain how your new theory or approach fits into the current literature.
Method Summarise how you intend to explore or are exploring this phenomenon.
Results/ Discussion Report your findings if you have already completed some or all data collection and analysis.