Transport & Tourism

Wellington Airport is about 8km from the centre of the city where most hotels are located. Transport options, including buses, taxis and app-based pick-up, all depart from the airport complex.
Please note: scheduled bus services do not leave the airport after 10:30pm each day, so other options should be considered if arriving late in the evening on an international flight.

Public Transport

Bus travel on the Airport Express from/to Wellington International Airport  to the heart of Wellington  and Wellington Bus + Railway Stations  takes about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic. The Airport Express departs from the airport’s lower level across from baggage claim area between 5:30am and 10:30pm. It is possible to pay on board the Airport Express bus with cash or contactless payment, such as debit/credit cards ($10), or using a Snapper card ($8). The Airport Express is the only Metlink bus that accepts contactless payment (e.g. debit cards) – all others require cash or a Snapper card (which costs $10 initially but offers discounted fares).


For traveling around Wellington on our extensive bus network, an Explorer Day Pass can provide a cost effective option when multiple trips are likely ($11-16 for 1 calendar day depending on how many zones are included). An Explorer Day Pass can be purchased on the Airport Express. Traveling in one Zone costs $2.50 cash (e.g., Courtenay Place to Wellington Bus Interchange – Rutherford House), whereas two zones is $4 cash each way (e.g., to Zealandia). Snapper cards are available at the Wellington i-site.

Taxis & App-based Travel

Taxis can be ordered from any of Wellington’s major taxi providers. A variety of taxis are often waiting at the airport for passengers. The typical fare to the city centre is about NZD$50 (incl. airport charges).


App-based pick-up options operate regularly throughout Wellington. You can also download apps in order to be picked up from anywhere in the city. Ola, Uber and Zoomy offer pick up at Wellington Airport (click link to see the pick-up locations).





Wellington Airport also has car sharing arrangements with Mevo and Cityhop, with both offering hybrid and electric vehicles. These services, however, require signing up prior to arrival. App-based and car sharing options incur an airport surcharge.


e-Scooters are available in central Wellington with either Flamingo or Beam. Beam also operates some e-bikes. Download the app and read through the rules to get started.



Things to see and do

Wellington offers a range of attractions and sights to visit, with Te Papa Tongarewa – the Museum of New Zealand (where the conference is hosted) being the most popular. The list of attractions includes the Wellington Botanic Garden, Wellington Museum, Old St. Paul’s church, Zealandia – a protected ecosanctuary within the city, the City Gallery – Te Whare Toi, and visiting Parliament or Kate Sheppard House.


A broad range of outdoor activities are possible, such as running along the waterfront, swimming at Oriental Bay (which also has the closest public pool – Freyberg), cycling (Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, Remutaka Incline Rail Trail) or taking the #2 Karori bus to Glenmore Street to enjoy a walk through the gardens and back to the city centre.


Full- or part-day attractions include wine tours in the Wairarapa or visiting Weta Workshop.