ANZAM Conference | Review Information
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Review Information

Reviewing for the Conference

If you are interested in serving as a Reviewer for the 2017 ANZAM Conference please contact Dr Cameron Duff


Please note the timing of the review period (July-September) and ensure that you will be available to review typically up to 3 papers during this time. You are expected to provide constructive advice for authors on how to improve their papers for presentation at the Conference and subsequent publication, on the Review Information page.


Paper Review Process

Papers submitted for presentation at the Conference will be reviewed and authors will be advised of their acceptance and presentation type by 4 September 2017, and 29 September 2017 for acceptance of revised submission of papers.


All Conference papers will be refereed using a double-blind peer review process. The review criteria include: significance/importance of the topic; conceptual foundation/relevant literature; research questions; aims and objectives; methodology; quality of analysis/coherence of argument; relevance of findings for theory/policy/practice; clarity/readability, and overall evaluation (including contribution).


Each submission must state, on its front/cover page, and first page of the paper proper at the top right, the requested stream (number and title) and requested session format (competitive or interactive). The front/cover page should also indicate if the author(s) wish to opt out of full paper publication in the Conference proceedings in favour of publication of an abstract only. Papers without these indicators will be treated as a submission to competitive sessions with full publication in the Conference proceedings.