Workshops - ANZAM Conference
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The ANZAM Conference Program includes Workshops and Research Symposia focused on professional development topics to increase the value of the Conference for participants.


Workshops and Research Symposia cover a broader domain including research methods, getting published, external funding, accreditation processes, teaching innovations, managing workloads, supervision, management practice, etc.


Workshops and Research Symposia will be held live in a virtual video meeting format using Microsoft Teams.


These sessions are scheduled for approximately 100 minutes.


The criteria for selecting Workshops and Research Symposia for inclusion in the Conference Program include:

  • Relevance to ANZAM’s purpose
  • Relevance to Conference theme
  • Relevance of presenter’s expertise
  • Professional development potential for participants or research quality
  • Topicality


Delegates who wish to present a Workshop or Research Symposium must complete the ‘Workshop and Research Symposium Template’ available on the link below and submit it to the Conference Organising Committee, via email (