Presenter Guidelines - ANZAM Conference
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Presenter Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines


Refereed Delivered sessions involve a formal presentation of no more than 15 minutes, and there will be approximately 5 minutes per paper for discussion and questions from the audience. The following equipment will be available in each session room for use by speakers: data projection (e.g. PowerPoint), and computer. Large rooms also contain microphones and lecterns. PowerPoint slides are welcome and ideally should be loaded before your presentation session begins.


Refereed Interactive sessions are delivered in a roundtable discussion format so as to allow for more interaction with other presenters and the audience. Presenters should circulate their papers to the relevant session chair and each other before the Conference. Each paper is allocated 5-8 minutes for the presentation, following by 10-15 minutes of roundtable discussion with the audience. There are no PowerPoint presentations in Interactive sessions, although presenters can bring along hardcopy printouts of up to five slides or a two-page summary of their paper if they wish. Presenters are encouraged to share their handouts with the session chair and the other scheduled presenters before the Conference.


Please see below for some useful hints and tips on how to prepare and deliver an engaging and effective presentation at ANZAM 2021.