ANZAM Conference | Visa Information
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Visa Information

Travelling to New Zealand on business


If you are travelling to New Zealand on business (i.e. to attend a meeting, as a conference delegate or to purchase New Zealand goods or services) and are not receiving any payment or benefit during your time here, you will need a Business Visitor Visa.


You do not need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa prior to travel, if:


  1. You have not already exceeded the maximum stay as a Business Visitor of three months in a calendar year (looking at the 12 months immediately before your upcoming travel to NZ); and
  2. You are a Citizen of one of the countries listed on our Visa Waiver list.


You will still need to meet the requirements for Visitors from Visa Waiver countries.


If you do not meet the above conditions to enter visa-free, you will need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa prior to your travel.


You will need to register for the Conference and pay your fees before you apply for a visa.